Recommended Magazines: Make Your Women and Girls Happy with Magazines

Whether you’re a son, a boyfriend, a husband or just wanting to show that this woman is an important part of your life, you can give her a free magazine subscription to show your feelings of affection and gratitude. Women love magazines for a fact and a magazine subscription will surely remind the recipient of your kindness and thoughtfulness. If you want to know what the magazine that would fit the personality and lifestyle of your mother and your woman, you should check our list of recommended magazines.

Woman’s Health – If you’re giving a magazine for women who is a fitness buff and enjoys going to the gym and running, then Woman’s Health is one of the top magazines for her. Woman’s health is informative, fresh, smart and inspiring. The magazine is also ideal for women who wants to reach an attractive weight but in a healthy and controlled way. We also recommend excellent health magazines like Yoga and Health, Natural Healthy and Beauty and Australian Natural Health.

Practical Parenting – Mothers’ ultimate priority are their kids and babies. For husbands, your wife will surely appreciate parenting magazines to help the both of you raise your children in every step of the way. They will also help wives as well as their husbands make the best and the most practical choices for their children by providing the safe and nutritious food choices, family wellness tips, fun environmental education projects, vacationing ideas and more. The recommended magazines for parenting are Parenting, Practical Parenting, Hybrd Mom and Parent & Child Magazine.

Seventeen – For the younger ladies in your life, Seventeen, Teen Vogue, Girls Life, Discovery Girls Magazine and Teen Voices are among the top magazines for school and college aged girls. Teen Magazines tackle that issues that impact the teenage girls of today. Readers will surely find valuable information and tips about boys, dating, fashion, friends, family, schools, dating and other issues. Girls will also enjoy fun stuffs like quizzes, contest and games inside the magazines.

Now that you know the recommended magazines for the women and girls in your life, enrich their body, mind and soul by giving them a free magazine subscription. To help you save, we recommend that you used MagSource- Australia’s source for the cheapest and top magazines from around the world. Try it now and show to your mother, sister, wife, friend and girlfriend how much they mean to you.


Top Magazines for Modern Women

Do you know what the thing with us girls? We can’t get enough of magazines! Whether it’s about celebrity news, food recipes, gardening, fashion and beauty, careers and other issues, women turn to magazines to stay informed, entertained and inspired. And if you want to know the top magazines for your readings and how to get them in the cheapest price available, then you’re just on the right track because we are giving the list of the best magazines for Girls, Career Women and Wives.

•    The Week – When it comes to news and politics, The Week magazine is one of top magazines that can guarantee the latest in international news and media, films, books, arts, food and wine, business, science and medicine and real estate. Every issue offers the best of news reporting and writing, background information, various viewpoints and ranging opinions and bias. The Week’s political cartoons are always great and captures what is really going on around us.

•    Dog Fancy – One of the recommended magazines for dog lovers out there is definitely Dog Fancy Magazine. This magazine is devoted in helping you take care of your pet dogs and offers great tips on grooming and healthcare and training. Dog Fancy also features dog lovers and breeders, humor and first person stories and of course, the dog themselves.

•    ALL You –All you magazine is certainly one of the top magazines designed for value conscious women. All You focuses on offering practical, realistic and affordable ideas like budget friendly recipes, smart shopping strategies and using high-value coupons and products. It also contains inspiring stories featuring “real women” who are diverse in age, appearance, background and culture. Now, who said that you need to be a multi millionaire to experience the best in life?

•    Latina – Whether you’re African American, Hispanic, Ethnic or an American woman who simply loves the Latin American culture, Latina magazine is undeniably among the most recommended magazines in the Hispanic world. Latina magazine is directed towards understanding the lifestyle and values of Hispanic women. Each issue features the latest information on fashion, beauty, make- up, health and fitness and career opportunities.

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Magazine Subscriptions: Top Magazines for Modern Women

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Below are top magazines for modern women you should consider adding to your magazine subscriptions. Trust that these magazines will not only entertain but will also help bring out the best in you, your home and your family.

O, The Oprah Magazine- Oprah magazine is one of the most trusted magazines not only in America but around the world. The magazine serves as a catalyst of transforming women’s lives. O magazine the ideal publication smart, confident and empowered women who know what they want from life. The publication is full of inspirational and compelling stories, empowering ideas and articles on health and fitness, careers, relationships, beauty, the latest in fashion, cooking, home design, book and food and much more for every woman’s taste.

Gardening Magazine Australia – This magazine is based on the popular ABC television show. Gardening Australia Magazine is packed with step by step advice and stunning ideas from its popular team of experts. Whether you’re a regular gardener or a beginner, you’ll surely find the advice you need in gardening. Plus, if you’re planning to have an organic garden, Gardening Australia magazine also provides regular articles on how to grow organic fruit and vegetables as well as other plants.

Dance Magazine Australia – Whether you are serious about dance or share the same interest with your children and friends, Dance Australia magazine is the definitely the publication you can’t afford not to read. Dance Australia is the country’s leading specialist magazine dedicated to the art of dance. The magazine covers ballet, contemporary dance, music theatre and dance education. The magazine is aimed at professional dancers, teachers, students and dance enthusiasts and also offers with a special section for young dancers.

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What are the Must- Have Top Magazines For Your Collection

Today, we are living in the world where almost everything can come instantly.  While the spread of electronic knowledge and information is on the rise, it doesn’t seem to hamper the purchase of magazine. This is because nothing beats the joy and pleasure of reading well written articles and seeing superb photography in the pages of magazines. If you want to have a magazine that entertains, informs and gives great advice and tips, you better check out our list top magazines   before you make that buy.

People – This is one of America’s top magazines and is known for its annual special editions like “The Most Beautiful People”, “The Best and Worst Dressed” and “The Sexiest Man Alive”. People is a weekly magazine that focuses on celebrities and human interest. It is a guide to know who and what are hot in the arts, science, business, politics, televisions, movies, books, music and sports.

Better Homes and Gardens – When it comes to home and family magazines, Better Homes and Gardens is one of the best magazines to look out for. The magazine is so popular because it helps readers live better and buy better. It is also the publication for people interested in turning inspiration into action. Each issue focuses on decorating, crafts, home entertaining, money management, cooking, healthy living and gardening.

Sports Illustrated – For real men and sports enthusiasts, Sports Illustrated is certainly one the best magazines you want to have in the palm of your hands. It is a weekly magazine and it features high caliber photographs and news articles inclusive of all sports – college, professional, men’s and women’s. SI readers can surely take a closer look at the biggest games, names and happenings from the world of sports.

National  Geographic Magazine – This magazine rightfully deserves the spot on our list of top magazines for helping us broaden our knowledge of world history, ecology, science and technology, culture, nature and geography in order to document and conserve them. The magazine is also well- known for its far- reaching coverage of people and places, the environment and technology and exquisite photography.

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What are the Top Magazines You Should Look in Magazine Subscriptions?

Women read magazines to get the latest trends in fashion and beauty while men read magazines to know slick gadgets and to be entertained. The reasons why people pay money for Top magazines are very long. But what’s really good about them is that they tell you what you need to know. Girls who want to be fun fearless read Cosmopolitan magazines. If men wanted to be more masculine, they will most likely opt for Men’s Fitness Magazine.

If you want to get best magazines for your family, then you’re certainly on the right tract.  Below are quality magazines you must have for your love ones.

•    Good Housekeeping – This one is certainly one of the top magazines every family should have in their homes. Good Housekeeping delivers a unique mix of independent investigation and trusted reporting, along with inspirational and trusted stories.  It offers a wealth of information and advice on subjects ranging from food, home, fashion, relationships, health and beauty and parenting advice.

•    Sports Illustrated – When it comes to sports, Sports Illustrated is certainly one of the best magazines. This magazine was the one responsible for the many innovations in sports reporting and your ultimate one- stop shop source for complete sports coverage. This magazine gives the latest news stories on amateur, college and professional athletic events.  It also gives the latest scores, stats, late breaking stories, plus interviews and profiles of sport’s enthusiasts’ favorite athletes.

•    Time- Time magazine is one of the most respected top magazines in the world. Millions of people turn to Time for its sharp insight and analysis of today’s important events and what they mean to you and your family. It covers everything from news and current affairs, politics, business and finance, science and technology to arts and entertainment. Time delivers you all the facts and tells you why and gives more than just a weekly news summary.

•    Money- I f you want a magazine packed with practical and fiscally useful guidance, then Money Magazine is the best magazine for you. It is your guide in making better decisions when it comes to personal finance. With its counsel on how to deal with college financing, buying a car and even how to acquire your first house, Money magazine subscription is truly a tremendous value.

Cheap magazine subscriptions: Top Four Fashion Magazines in Australia

Women love fashion magazines. Fashion magazines contain interesting and fun to read articles, beautiful photographs and the latest trends in clothing, shoes, bags and accessories. Girls who want to have to have the best magazines would tirelessly search for search for cheap magazine subscriptions online to get the best deals on magazines.

To help girls in their quest for the best magazines in Australia, below top five fashion magazines in Australia you should look out for in magazine subscriptions.

•    Vogue Magazine Australia – Vogue, the best selling fashion magazine in the world, is undoubtedly the queen of fashion magazines. Vogue has all elements that make it perfect for fashion lovers and followers. It covers the latest trends in high fashion, hair and skin care, beauty, fitness, health, design and entertainment. In addition, Vogue Australia combines a modern day mix of glamour, style and wit with a passionate undercurrent of intelligent writing and cutting edge photography.

•    Cosmopolitan Australia – Cosmopolitan magazine is known for its provocative nature and upbeat style. It is ‘the book’ for young career driven women all over the world. it features great articles on fashion, beauty, careers, health, travel, relationship and sex. It also offers valuable information on women- specific health issues and candid discussion of contemporary male/ female relationship.

•    In Style Magazine Australia – it is one of the top magazines which covers the latest fashion, beauty and celebrity lifestyle. Just like what the name suggest, In Style provides a user friendly guide of what is trendy at the moment. The magazine talks about how to look your best for yourself, weighing up the pros and cons of beauty cosmetics and answers the readers’ questions on how to look stylish and glamorous effortlessly.

•    Fashiontrend Magazine Australia – Fashiontrend is ‘The Essential Fashion Quarterly’ magazine. Each exciting issue features 200- breathtaking pages that inform, entertain and inspire its readers. It offers a unique blend of exclusive runway images from Paris, Milan, New York and London and ensures that subscribers get valuable insights into the current trends in clothing and accessories for each coming season.

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How Can I Find Cheap Magazine Subscriptions?

There are many reasons why people can’t get enough of reading major magazines like Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Good Housekeeping, Esquire, Rolling Stone and others. People buy magazines to be entertained, to be informed, to get some topics for social purposes, to be inspired and to learn something about their favorite celebrities. If you’re looking for cheap magazines, MagSource- Australia’s source for the cheapest magazines- is here to help you find cheap magazine subscriptions in the internet.

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How can I use MagSource to find cheap magazines?

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MagSource will gather the magazine price as well as the delivery price of the chosen magazine from different magazine subscriptions online and will list them in order from the cheapest to the most expensive. You can add it to the cart or click the link you’d like view.

When you click the link, MagSource will take you straight to the product’s website for you to view more information and place an order if you’d like. If you add it to the cart, it will store it for later use. You can click the link in the cart to go to the product page, or press the checkout button and it will open new tabs for all the products in the cart.

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