What are the Must- Have Top Magazines For Your Collection

Today, we are living in the world where almost everything can come instantly.  While the spread of electronic knowledge and information is on the rise, it doesn’t seem to hamper the purchase of magazine. This is because nothing beats the joy and pleasure of reading well written articles and seeing superb photography in the pages of magazines. If you want to have a magazine that entertains, informs and gives great advice and tips, you better check out our list top magazines   before you make that buy.

People – This is one of America’s top magazines and is known for its annual special editions like “The Most Beautiful People”, “The Best and Worst Dressed” and “The Sexiest Man Alive”. People is a weekly magazine that focuses on celebrities and human interest. It is a guide to know who and what are hot in the arts, science, business, politics, televisions, movies, books, music and sports.

Better Homes and Gardens – When it comes to home and family magazines, Better Homes and Gardens is one of the best magazines to look out for. The magazine is so popular because it helps readers live better and buy better. It is also the publication for people interested in turning inspiration into action. Each issue focuses on decorating, crafts, home entertaining, money management, cooking, healthy living and gardening.

Sports Illustrated – For real men and sports enthusiasts, Sports Illustrated is certainly one the best magazines you want to have in the palm of your hands. It is a weekly magazine and it features high caliber photographs and news articles inclusive of all sports – college, professional, men’s and women’s. SI readers can surely take a closer look at the biggest games, names and happenings from the world of sports.

National  Geographic Magazine – This magazine rightfully deserves the spot on our list of top magazines for helping us broaden our knowledge of world history, ecology, science and technology, culture, nature and geography in order to document and conserve them. The magazine is also well- known for its far- reaching coverage of people and places, the environment and technology and exquisite photography.

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