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Magazine Subscriptions: Top Magazines for Modern Women

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Below are top magazines for modern women you should consider adding to your magazine subscriptions. Trust that these magazines will not only entertain but will also help bring out the best in you, your home and your family.

O, The Oprah Magazine- Oprah magazine is one of the most trusted magazines not only in America but around the world. The magazine serves as a catalyst of transforming women’s lives. O magazine the ideal publication smart, confident and empowered women who know what they want from life. The publication is full of inspirational and compelling stories, empowering ideas and articles on health and fitness, careers, relationships, beauty, the latest in fashion, cooking, home design, book and food and much more for every woman’s taste.

Gardening Magazine Australia – This magazine is based on the popular ABC television show. Gardening Australia Magazine is packed with step by step advice and stunning ideas from its popular team of experts. Whether you’re a regular gardener or a beginner, you’ll surely find the advice you need in gardening. Plus, if you’re planning to have an organic garden, Gardening Australia magazine also provides regular articles on how to grow organic fruit and vegetables as well as other plants.

Dance Magazine Australia – Whether you are serious about dance or share the same interest with your children and friends, Dance Australia magazine is the definitely the publication you can’t afford not to read. Dance Australia is the country’s leading specialist magazine dedicated to the art of dance. The magazine covers ballet, contemporary dance, music theatre and dance education. The magazine is aimed at professional dancers, teachers, students and dance enthusiasts and also offers with a special section for young dancers.

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